SLDDS Digital Director System

SLDDS5000 fully Omni media digital director system is specialized for radio and TV hotline access and management. As specific tools for program interaction and communications between Host, Director and audience, It also can be applied to the telephone conference, telephone recording, signal return, and other telephone interactive occasions. It will greatly improve the internal working efficiency, utilization of hotline and audience satisfaction.



Main Features:

Fully digitalization system, reliable and stable

B/S, C/S dual-mode, manage your station anywhere, anytime

Fully informative system with visible operators actions, hotlines details, messages, etc.

Calls management of blacklisted, content noted, etc.

Multiple operations of pick-up, Wait, Hang-up, Conference, etc.

Internal communication board and display windows for Director and Host

Message Board for releasing weather, traffic, Daily memo, Ads area, etc.

Recording function for non-hotline period, automatic picking-up and recording

Statistics and Query function for calls, messages, recording , playback, fees, Logs, etc.

User friendly System settings

Support for 4 lines in and 5-party talk 

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