SLALC-5000MHD Embedded Audio Loudness Processor


With the development of digitalization and Omni Media, Volume changes of sound on vision between materials, programs and channels comes more normal and intolerable by listeners. That also makes loudness increasingly concerned.


SLALC series Embedded audio Loudness processor adopt the latest loudness control technology, DSP technology, multiband processing, and real time forecast, calculation, filter, weighted according to the ITU - R BS1770 standard. Automatic processing to embedded audio within preset loudness range, SLALC with fast response, low latency, high stability, effectively avoid the volume differences, maintains the total energy in appropriate loudness not only intensity.


SLALC Embedded Audio Loudness Processor is widely used in all levels of radio and television stations, studios, vans, computer rooms, government, schools, enterprises and institutions, etc.



Main Features:

Advanced FPGA, DSP processing technology

24bit digital processing

Encoder control to value settings of audio gain control and loudness, easy operation

Support embedded audio, resolution of 720i, 720P, 1080i, 1080P

Support processing to 4 groups of 16 channels

Noise reduction of noise data, Loudness control for valid data

Support any adjustment of gain on manual mode, support automatic loudness control on automatic mode

Waveform and phase data before and after processing are available by DVI output monitoring 

RS485 connection between remote panel and SLALC

Support SNMP protocol

Bypass on power failure

1RU aluminum chassis, redundant power



SLALC-5000MHD 1*SDI input, 2 HD-SDI outputs, 1 Analog video output, 2 analog audio outputs.

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