HD Embedded Audio Processor 

SLAGC-M series TV Digital Embedded Audio Processors are based on digital chips processing and technologies of Audio Gain Control, Multi-band, Equalization, Clipping, etc. SLAGC effectively stabilize audio signals within preset range from different sources, and solve the volume and quality problems of HD/SD TV signals. It’s multi-function of signal distribution, de-embedding enables the series processor economical, practical and versatile.


Main Features:
Adopt FPGA, DSP technology
Support 720I, 720P, 1080I, 1080P SDI (HD model only)
Re-embed output with automatic de-embedding, embedded audio adjustment, high order filtering, auto gain control and balanced process.
Support digital, analog audio signals embedding, volume adjustable, automatic equalization.
Bypass on power failure  
1 embedded HD/SD-SDI input, 2 HD/SD-SDI outputs (one), 1 analog video out, 2 analog audio out

SLAGC-3000MHD 1 embedded HD/SD-SDI input, 2 HD/SD-SDI outputs, 1 AES3 input, 1 analog stereo output.


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