Ø  Audio & Video Backup Switchers

Automatic backup device of TV signals is indispensable for safety broadcast. To ensure a smooth and continuous transmission and broadcast, technical departments will start the transmission of main signals and backup signals at the same time with multiple means and paths. With the fast development of broadcast television technology, the detection of sync signals can no longer serve as signal backup, what is worse, it may lead to signal interruption.
Our newly developed Audio & Video Backup/Emergency Switcher is a perfect solution to this problem. It can automatically detect multiple video signals, take prompt reaction, and switch backup signals accurately under situations like system fault (even when there is only sync signals without image), it ensures a continuous smooth transmission. This newly developed Digital Switcher for Backup & Emergency has been successfully proved efficient in the technical test and live application in Hunan TV, and is now used in every of its channels.


Ø  Characteristics:

     3 inputs, 4 out of 1 output, audio balance

     Bypass on power failure

     Switch automatically between main signal and backup signal. Backup signals automatically shadow the main on failure of transmission. Automatically switch back to main on the recovery of main signals. Other channels can be manually assigned as backup.

     Parallel and effective control automatically and manually.

     Light-and-sound alarm automatically when system failure. Light alarm clear until the failure is handled, sound alarm clear until the failure is handled or press of the alarm key.

    Time for backup and parameter of detection manually adjustable

    Broadcast grade A quality


Ø  Models:


Backup Switcher 3 ins, 2 outs of 1 out

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