SLKM series Digital HD Keyer is the necessary device in HD/SD digital broadcasting and master control system. It serves to add logos, time marks and titles to the signals. Key controlled overlay reduced the required video channels. Greatly improved reliability, safety, and decreases faults and breakdowns. Parallel link of key controllers provides convenience for maintenance and troubleshooting.



Main Features:

Support models for HD/SD-SDI signal overlay, PAL or NTSC

2 PGM buses and 2 PST buses

Input REF signals, eliminate jitter

Input channel with equalization, clock recovery

Auto detection and status display of main signal, filling signal and key signals

Manual/remote control, controllable by auto broadcast and control system

Main signal bypass and memory recovery on power failure



SLKM-2D-HD   HD-SDI, 1*PGM, 1 *PST background inputs, 2*KEY and 2 *FILL inputs, 1 REF input, 2 groups of 2*PGM/PST outputs.



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