SL800KM-HD Logo Generator & Keyer


SL800KM-HD is a high quality all-in-one device with Logo generator and Keyer for HD-SDI. It serves to add logos, time marks and titles to the signals. Each logo has full width Luminance, with precise liner control. SL800KM-HD provides impressive logos with no distortion, non-flicking, no-jitter but clear, smooth and natural images. 



Main Features:

Advanced FPGA, ARM technology

20bit Processing, Full-bandwidth, uncompressed 4:2:2 static or animated logos

Built-in 128M memory, allows overlay 4 logos and 1 time mark at the same time,    

Effects with still, dynamic true color, gradient, translucent, transparent and emboss, etc

Free adjustment of logo display time and position

Support external phase locking, Fields and lines adjustable

Time mark display settable, Hourly, Half-hourly, Digit clock display, etc.

With RJ45 interface for 10M/100M/1000M networking, built-in Web server allows logo refresh and remote monitoring.



SL800KM-HD   HD-SDI signal, animated logo, animated sub-logo (Time mark, LTC correction), 1 KEY &FILL outputs, 1*HD/SDI output. 


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