Ø  SLKM-3B Analog Key Mixer

Serial interface is commonly used in logo and title generators, it overlays station logo to the output background directly via logo generators. Serial interface, as an economical method though, will cause distortion and attenuation. The broadcast is often influenced or even interrupted on failure of logo generators.
On the other hand, most logo generators can’t control the up and down of the logo, and manual operation is required. It not only influences broadcast quality, but also adds workload to operators.

As the rapid development of broadcast and television industry, audiences are more aware of the integrated quality of TV programs. The integrate quality of TV station is of more importance, such as the versatility of programs, reality, promptness, and effectiveness of news broadcast, the accuracy and safety during broadcast. Obviously, traditional serial interface can no longer reach this requirement. It is ideal to avoid attenuation with key mixer amplifier. Our SLKM series key mixer can interface with 3 video signals, such as station logo, crawls and titles. It is widely used in television stations, launch pad and departments of the alike.

Ø  Characteristics:

Video signals clamp

3 channels ALPHA key

Support ant bonding input, key delay range adjustable

Bypass on power failure, no influence to main signal

RS-422 interface



Ø  Models:




3-channel ALPHA key

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