SLAS-04 BB Analog Backup/Emergency Switcher

SLAS-04 series Audio Switcher are intelligent Audio signals routing switcher for backup. Specially designed to meet the need of safe broadcasting, it is widely used in editing, broadcasting, monitoring and transmission part of radio stations, security centers, traffic systems, etc. The intelligent detecting and switching system of the signals assure the continuous smooth broadcasting safely.
Main Features:
4 channels inputs, 4 out of 1 output, balanced.
Customized settings of conditions and time value for intelligent fault detecting.
Redundant power supply. Bypass on power failure, signals auto-switch to backup when faults arise on main channel. Auto-Recovery to Main channel when signals come normal.
Real-time display input& output status on LED screen in front panel.
Built-in SD card, background music keeps on status of pending, multiple guarantee to safe broadcasting.
Optional Automatic and Manual mode. Switch any 1 of 4 inputs to output on Manual mode.
On Automatic mode, 4 inputs can be customized in priority grade 1>2>3>4. For Auto switching time threshold is adjustable in 0~99s. level threshold is adjustable in -20dBu~140dBu.
Signal loss alarm settable for Main and any channels. Alarms in lights and buzzer.

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