4G Wireless Audio Transmitter

SLAT-4000 Wireless Audio Reporting Transmitter is based on mobile 4G network connection and transmission. It’s the best choice of teleconference, recording and broadcasting for journalists, editors and advertisement producer to transit audio signals and files in occasions of live broadcasting and outdoor Interview,. SLAT-4000 have been widely used for Radio/TV stations, schools, enterprises, etc.

SLAT-4000                        SLAT-4000S

Main Features:

Touch screen, easy operation, support portable backpack model.

Support two-way real-time transmission.

Support compression, recording, playing, and other functions on AAC.

Support volume control manually in external and software; make sure the comfortable output level.

Support 3G/ Ethernet transmission separately and both at the same time smoothly.

Support dual card for redundancy, ensure the transmission integrity, stability, reliability, and security.

Autosave files in local path. Copy to USB or edit with laptop any time.

2 line in, 2 mic in, support multiple surfing cards output simultaneously.

Launch quick, 0.2s-2s delay adjustable.

Support TF, Micro card, anti-seismic construction.

Low power consumption, single card3W, dual card 5W.

Alarm when Low Battery and Low storage.

UV meter display input signal for monitoring. Support headphone monitoring.

Screen Correction manually.

Adopt Da Vinci by TI company dual-core DSP technology solutions.

Linux system with high stability and safety.

Embedded system design for reliability, anti-seismic, easy carrying.


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