SLBD-100D/IP Audio Broadcast Delay

SLBD series Audio Broadcast Delay is specially designed to meet the need of safe broadcasting, it is highly cost-effective. Widely used in radio stations of all levels and has got high reputation among customers.

SLBD adopts digital audio electric technology. Compared with the disadvantage of low running speed and high breakdown rate caused by PC broadcast delay based on software or embedded main-board style broadcast delay.

SLBD-100DIP is the with AOIP interface, connect AOIP networks for broadcasting or monitoring.

            Main Features:

Ÿ   Support Analog stereo, Digital AES3, AOIP input/output.

Ÿ   Support A/D、D/A convert.

Ÿ   Support output delayed or original signals to AOIP networks.

Ÿ   1s-120s adjustable.

Ÿ   Multi-function keys of DUMP, -8s Delete, cough key, etc.

Ÿ   For -8s Delete, support broadcasting with no background music and no interrupt.

Ÿ   On DUMP mode, background music on, support 26seconds on-line recording files backup.

Ÿ   Real-time display at LED screen of Level value, delay time, etc.

Ÿ   Bypass at button option or power failure situation. Delay settings auto memory at power failure. 

Ÿ   Optional RJ-11 connection with remote control panel.

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