CobraNet Audio Transimitter

SLCN Series Multichannel Networking Audio real-time transmitter based on CobraNet(64-128 channels)
With the development of the network technology, people started to considering transmit real-time audio by Ethernet. However, Ethernet is an asynchronous technology that audio data packet delay will cause signal loss and discontinuity, which makes it unpractical to audio signal real-time transmission. The finest digital audio transmit network should posses the basic requirements as transmit signals with high-fidelity, real-time, stability, synchronization, etc. CobraNet is the technology meets these requirements. It realized two-way 64 channels (128 @100 in all) high quality, low delay audio signal in one cable. With features of professional, lossless, high intercommunications, low cost, reliable and stable. CobraNet can even transmit uncompressed high quality digital audio stream remotely. It’s the appropriate choice in modern audio transmission and distribution systems. Using CobraNet technology will save costs of construction, simplify the system structure, increase the flexibility and keep safety in intranet.

SLCN series Transmitters are based on 100/1000M intranet with CobraNet basis, which is not only posses all the standard characteristics and functions of CobraNet equipments but also increases lots of design highlights.

Widely used in studios, live show, multi-function rooms, telephone conferences, monitoring centers for RADIO & TV industry, Enterprises, Traffic centers, airport and others need two-way audio communication.

Main Features:
8/16 mono audio input and output
Analog or AES/EBU digital input and output, or analog and digital mix input &output.
Configure any channel the route, screen display and monitor settings.
DSP processing for signal gain control, filtering, compress ,limit, etc.
Adopt building block technology, support the user to choose and organize different function module.
Dual LAN port design, Support connecting 2 switch for backup
Real-time display the network and equipment status
Auto-save when power failure, memory recovery when power on
Signals of audio and control within a network
Houses hundreds of audio signals two-way transmission in one intranet

Technical Features:
100/1000 BASE-Tx, 100/1000Mbps CobraNet full-duplex networking real-time audio transmission.
Support up to 48K/96K, 24Bit non-compress audio
Low delay, 1.33,2.33,5.33ms delay optional
High accuracy, 16bit, 20bit, 24bit sample rate optional
SNMP networking 2-direction control, monitoring and management
Upgrading TFTP software
DSP processing, Real-time control to audio signals of parametric equalizer ( Q value adjustable),compressor, limiter, gate, flitter, electric frequency divider, electric flitter, matrix management, etc.

SLCN-0404A       4 analog stereo inputs, 4 analog stereo outputs
SLCN-0404D         4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs

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