SLAGC-1200 Analog Audio Processor

Due to different audio signal levels among programs like advertisements, news broadcast, sports events, songs, relayed programs and other different sources, there are increase and decrease in volume when broadcasting. In the past, Audio Level Controller is used to process high level signals, by this means, when the signal is low, users still have to adjust the volume manually, which has a great influence to viewership. Our AGC, Audio Gain Controller, compresses high-level signals, promotes low-level signals, and reduces noise dynamically. There is a Detector setup, it stops noise lower than Detector level from input, the Signal to Noise Ratio is improved greatly. Based on above dynamic optimized controlling device, with high quality components, it surpasses others in low noise rate, low distortion audio response, and reaches broadcast audio quality.

Main Features:
Audio processing based on gain control technology.
Stereo input and output, balanced or unbalanced optional.
Auto adaptive to Gain Control, no need to manual adjustment once setup.
Auto compress on high level signals and promote on low level signals (up to 10dBu), output level within preset range.
Gain adjustment on input and output levels. Dynamic range of input or output is enlargeable.
Intuitive level indicated on front panel, display levels clearly.
Support dynamic noise reduction.
I/O ratio is adjustable.
Bypass on power failure or manually button control on front panel.
Optional RS-232 external interface for connecting with PC remote program.
SLAGC-1200       1*Analog Stereo IN and out, high fidelity Unbalanced out after Auto gain control and equalization.
SLAGC-1200A     1 Analog Stereo in and out, high fidelity balanced out after Auto gain control and equalization.
SLAGC-1300A     1 Analog Stereo in and out, 24bit sampling, higher filtering, high fidelity balanced out after Auto gain control and equalization AES stereo in/out, high-fidelity OUT after loudness control and Gain control.

Technical Specifications:

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