SLAGC-1200D Digital Audio Processor

SLAGC-D series Digital Audio Processor can promptly set IN audio signals within the preset range via the process of DSP digital chipset. The build-in Digital Gain Controller, which works on digital AES/EBU or analog XLR audio signals. It is an effective solution to the unsteadiness of sound volume during ingesting and broadcasting, or unbalanced transmission of analog audio signals between different programs.

SLAGC series Audio Processor can interface with the IN and OUT of digital audio AES/EBU signals or analog stereo XLR audio signals. It supports output 1 analog stereo audio and 1 AES digital at the same time. SLAGC-D series can also work as a formats converter between AES/EBU digital signals and analog XLR balanced signals.
Main Features:
Support prompt auto gain on digital audio AES3/EBU/Analog inputs/outputs.
Dynamic noise reduction.  
Build-in digital equalizer, which can shield noise signal according to the present level
AGC adjust range automatically between 20Hz~20 KHz (±0.3dB)
Level promoted over 10dBu on low signal
I/O ratio is adjustable
Bypass on power failure or manually control on front panel
Optional RS-232 external interface for connecting with PC remote program

SLAGC-1200D     1 AES3/Analog in, 1 digital/analog stereo balanced out after auto gain control and equalization.
SLAGC-1300D     1 AES3 in/out,1 analog stereo balanced out.24bit sampling, high order flitter, noise reduction dynamically, gain control and equalization.
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