SLALC-5000D Audio Loudness Processor

Nowadays, people watch radios, listen movies, facing the massive sounds in media crossworld, it brings audio processing deep, diversely in methods and technologies. Among them, Loudness Control makes powerful and comfortable auditory sensation concurrence available.
Loudness is the physical strength of sound. For audio programs, it related to factors of signal levels, frequency, duration, etc. Appropriate Loudness makes the audio more recognizable, attractive, and more immersive to virtual reality.
SLALC-5000D Audio Loudness Processor, adopt the latest technologies, processing audio signals with Prediction, Compute, Filter and Weight, thus control the Loudness at preset value.

The quick response, ultra-low delay, high stability, avoid the program and channels’ volume difference and turns out powerful and comfortable sound to audiences.   

Main Features:
1 channel Analog L/R stereo, 1 Digital AES3 audio input and output.
Shortcut key of music, news, movie, TV shows, 3 presets.
Linkage with audio automation, recall corresponding preset according to program.
Support Bypass function.  
Support Chinese and English operation.  
OLED screen design for clear and stable menu display
1RU aluminum rack design, redundant power supply, reducing heat.
1 RJ45 and 2 RS232 for more connecting control.

Technical Highlights:
In accordance with ITU-R BS.1770-3 Loudness Standard.
Adopt technologies of loudness control, DSP, compression, extension, limit, etc.
Target loudness value in -24LKFS, range ±0~4LU adjustable.
frame size 20~100ms adjustable to different loudness according to processing data.
Companding rate 1~9dB/S adjustable, the rate expansion to compression is 1/3 dB/S, adopt constant companding technology instead of fix vaule companding, adaptive constantly changes.
Noise gate -60~-30LKFS adjustable,unique noise suppression function to move the noise date and assure the loudness control to valid data.
Adopt background measuring technology(range 0.4~2S or turn off adjustable), measuring and recognize 10LKFS lower than normal signals as background, skip processing ,avoid noise.

Rear Panell:SLALC-5000D 
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