SLAD-1104B Analog Audio Distribution Amplifier

All the original signals are to be distributed and transmitted via signal distributor/distribution amplifier; therefore the quality of this device has a great influence to the transmission. The biggest concern for choosing audio distribution product is whether there exists any dithering, attenuation and distortion after signal distribution, especially whether the signals processed by equalization, time recovery, etc. 

SLAD series Analog Audio Distribution Amplifiers are the advanced solution to meet and exceed the requirements of broadcasting, relaying and monitoring for all levels radio stations, security centers and any other sites where audio signal distribution is required. Adopt latest technology based on chipset processing, high broadcast quality with stability and reliability.  

Main Features:
Adaptive circuit processing without signal attenuation. 
Lower jitter. 
With Headphone monitoring output.
Bypass on power failure 
SLAD-1104B Analog, 1 input, 4 distributed outputs, stereo, balanced
SLAD-1105B Analog, 5 outs of 1 input, stereo, unbalanced, dynamic level adjustable

Technical Specifications:

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