Portable SDI HDMI/VGA/DVI Decoder

SLMD-3000 is an IP HD Video Decoder in high performance. SLMD-3000 decode streams of IP-Camera, media server, series IP encoders from network (based on RTSP, RTP unicast or multicast), then output video and audio to SDI and HDMI/VGA. Support SDI signals including HD-SDI (1.485G), SD-SDI(270M) and 3G-SDI (2.97G), support 525i, 625i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p (maximum 60Hz). For HDMI, support output up to 1080p60Hz HD video signal; VGA maximum output UXGA.

SLMD-3000support 2 channels video decoding simultaneously up to 1080p60, self-adaptive, support network delay smart control. In a typical network environment, it can control delay lower or equal to 200ms. Even low code rate encoding video or 10% network packet loss, the image enhancement and fault-tolerant technology, will clearly restore encoding video and audio, no significant distortion, frame loss and mosaic phenomenon, and provide actual color reproduction, clean sound and high fidelity.

Support decoding H.264 video(bit rate up to 40Mbps)and AAC-LC/G.711audio.

Image scaling capacity, enlarge or shrink decoded video, convert frame rate adapt to different output format. Embed Audio to SDI or HDMI output with Line Out analog audio.

SLMD-3000 support ONVIF equipment detection and discovery. Support ONVIF camera PTZ control. With this series of Encoder, support talkback, RS-485, RS-458 PTZ control.

Main Features

Support SD/HD/3G SDI and HDMI、VGA、DVI,AES/EBU embedded audio

Support Output different programs/contents simultaneously or separately

Gigabit Ethernet connection, USB interface can be extended for external storage device or wireless network module.

Enhanced SDI Circuit Driver, ensure 350 meters transmission distance of SD-SDI, 180 meters for HD-SDI, 100 meters for 3G-SDI.

Support SDI/HDMI 1080p60/50、1080p30/25/24、1080i60/50、720p60/50、480i/ 576i output, support HDMI/VGA with common VESA standard resolution.

Video scaling, frame rate conversion and image enhancement.

Support RTMP, RTSP, RTP unicast/multicast media transmission protocol. Extendable for TS streaming, TS over HTTP、HLS, etc.

Analog Input and output, Intercom and Talkback, analog audio and embedded audio in SDI and HDMI, can output synchronously.

Support PTZ control by RS-485 interface, dual-communication with this series of encoders /PC.

Support network delay smart control. In a typical network environment, it can control delay lower or equal to 200ms.

Image enhancement and fault-tolerant technology, high ability of error-resisting, clean sound and high fidelity.

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