New generation Programmable Broadcasting Controller

New generation PBC-II C Programmable Broadcasting Controller is pushed out in 2013 OCT. 14,

The First Generation PBC came out in 1996. After more than a decade verified by users, Shuangln keep improving the design and functions. PBC-II C integrated the power control into it. The interface seems more elegance. Input and output of strong and light current turns out more safe and convenient.    



  Ø Power controller is integrated in PBC, All-in-one, More convenience

  Ø Strong current input is industrial grade(Military)More safe

  Ø Strong current output upgrade to triplex, safe and convenience

  Ø Light current output upgrade to DB25 double pattern, easy connection and high safety

  Ø Exclusive and elegance interface




 Ø Control intelligently all kinds of broadcast equipments to complete broadcast process automatically.  

 Ø Control intelligently machine room all the powers to make sure broadcast time sequence.

 Ø Adaptive for quick-stop / locking control.

 Ø Full-automation, Manual centralized playout and Manual handwork playout.

 Ø One PBC can hold up to 16 control channels, each channel can control independently more than 40 times a day. Different channel will distribute to different broadcast zone.

 Ø High anti-interference, I/O interface equip with optical isolator.

 Ø Clock and calendar built-in.

 Ø Recognize the off days to stop automatically.

 Ø Memory in Power failure, never loss the time and date.  

 Ø Large LCD screen in front panel. Abundant function keys.

 Ø Optional host PC software to realize kinds of remote control.

 Ø IP interface to realize remote control of the PBC.

Ø Optional GPS standard clock system to realize time synchronization.



       The new generation PBC-IIC is widely used in lots of radio station. Stable and reputable.


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