On-air Audio Mixing Console

Developed for radio, TV and OB van live broadcasting and production environments. SLDB6000 is a series of ON-AIR audio mixing console. It adopts separate core as audio engine with controls and customized slots.  Large touch LCD display on console and core, provide easy operation of signals switching, routing and status display. Support AES3, Analog, AOIP, MADI, GPIO, etc.

CAN busses design, separate the audio and signals control.

Audio core support at most 12 boards (10 audio boards included)plug-in for customized configuration.

Users can select the console of 2 position types , built-in or on-desk.

Main Features:

Large LCD touch display

Large 10.1″ LCD display of master control module, touch screen for independently control and settings out of PC software.

LCD7.0 on faders module, display and control faders’channels , effects, etc.

Standard 19″ 6RU of audio core with large touch screen, easy operation.

Master + Faders Modular design

Console consist of Master module + Faders modules, 5 faders modules at most for customized configuration.

Each faders module has 4 fades with A/B channels, up to 40 channels signal mixing and control. Independently electrical motor faders, self-recovery of faders position. 

Various status display

Support phase error correction for preferable auditory experience.

Support phase, VU and Loudness display. support display and control LIVE, REC, TEL, TALK BACK, PFL, for monitoring.

Each faders module displays 8 channels inputs’ status, parameters and VU meter.

Audio Core displays VU of Boards, Faders, Temp., Humidity, Busses, etc.

Main interface of module & core


Independently 13 stereo output busses.

Separate monitoring bus of audio core, for system maintenance,

support monitor audio of each board with earphone.


High quality, versatile effects

With 5-band equalization, limit, extension, noise gate, etc.,make console high quality audio output.

Support optional sound-engineer level templates of different configuration in microphone channels, or users can save settings as templates.

Multi-party intercom

Internal talkback system based on AOIP, support multi party conference mode between director,

Host and master control center.

The master control module integrates remote control panel of telephone hybrid and audio delay.


Abundant I/O

Support AOIP, MADI, AES3, Analog of 96*80 channels I/O, flexible configuration.

Support bluetooth source audio input, support synchronous broadcasting.

GPIO of 8 input & output, control on-air light, guest reminder and talkback light, etc.

Audio Core Each earphone board support 8 channels stereo output for monitoring.


Electric motor faders

Electric motor faders, click buttons to recover faders position of preset settings or templates. Support save and call different settings as templates.


Authorization management

Strict authorization management, for different authority to query, setup controls.

Redundant power system for more safety broadcasting.


① Power         AC220V

② Input slot      Mic,Analog,AES input

③ AOIP          AOIP/ASE67 I/O

④ Output slot     Analog,AES input

⑤ MADI          Multi-mode fiber, coaxial I/O

⑥ Main           Bluetooth, CAN, GPIO

⑦ Expansion       Earphone, analog, digital,etc.

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